Monday, April 14, 2008


What is chivalry? Immediately, most people think of the middle ages or a knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress. For me, I see a system by which men can relate to women. This system is what is supposed to be proper for a man's conduct to women but also to everyone else. How does this practice translate into today's society?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

On the Papal Visit

Here I am, going back home. I am coming back home to see the Pope visit the United States. I cannot say how excited I am, I am buying a new memory card for my camera and am trying o prepare myself for the ordeal. Until very recently, I had no way of entering the stadium, but now, because of my dear mother's help, I have acquired a ticket at the low cost of handing out newspapers. I really good deal if you ask me.

So what is the catch to all this? I am missing a week of classes. Not the best option but I'll take it. I will be striving hard this week to stay on top of homework. I really want to well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why I am Pro-Life

Most people like to call themselves pro-life for a whole slew of reasons. My reasons are my own and for most people, I do try to keep religion out of this even though I am a devout Catholic.

I am of the opinion that a cell is alive. What makes it human, I think, is its capacity to grow normally into a mature human being. That is why skin cells are not human life, because they will not grow into a mature human being. But what does this say about the embryo? This means that I do consider it to be alive because aside from its age, it is the same as you or me.

A lot of people like to think of it as just a mass of tissue connected to the Woman's body. Some even think that to be pregnant is punishment. Both of these views are irrational. Becoming pregnant in any way is not a punishment: it is a biological function for reproduction. Yes yes, it is a beautiful gift from God, but we are not looking at this from a religious perspective. As a biological function it makes sense that to propagate the species, the child must be allowed to live. Survival of the fittest and all that. It is observable that no animal willingly kills its unborn unless it is forced to (pregnant monkey on hot plate experiments). In fact its first instinct is to protect that still unborn at its own risk. Therefore it is against all biological reasons to have an abortion or even contraception.

On Bad Bishops

Why is it there are bishops who allow liturgical abuse and even heresy to go on in their dioceses? The answer my friends is simple: because they do not know that it is wrong. We have a number of bishops out there in the world who have no idea that what they are teaching is heretical. Take the bishop of northern Florida who instead of celebrating a mass at Ave Maria so that they could have mass in their chapel, he decides to go to "Circus Day" at a his cathedral, a day in which to honor those in the circus, the priest dresses up not in his traditional garments but in Clown uniform, the bishop decided to include himself in this practice.

Such things cannot go on ignored much longer. I see a steady decline in the church as people will begin to see thet their church no longer is the truth, they will seek out a church that does but upon failure they will despair.

On Charisma and the Church

Today I am in a lounge, waiting for the speaker to begin. The talk today is about The Catholic Charismatic renewal. Let me talk about what is my opinion of the Charismatics. I do think that they concentrate on community rather than the sacrifice of the mass. This leads to liturgical abuses which then leads to heresy. I have met many a charismatic who wants to bless me. This is something that is not allowed. So why is a prevalent in most Charismatics? Why do they not abide by the liturgical standards? Time to find out:

Talking about Faith: faith that the lord will do something. As if we were all mystics. She says we have the gift of healing. Last time I checked, thats not in the church. She seems to think that the Holy Spirit moves her to do anything. The gift of the Holy Spirit includes according to her, the gift of discernment and of tongues is a common thing.

I would be very cautious when approaching this group. Personally their dependence on feelings guided by the Holy Spirit through their lives seems like it might substitute feeling for actual faith. For me, it seems like for anyone that is well educated in their faith, the charismatic movement ceases to be of any importance. I wish the Pope would address this issue more head on because I really am confused about it.