Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On Bad Bishops

Why is it there are bishops who allow liturgical abuse and even heresy to go on in their dioceses? The answer my friends is simple: because they do not know that it is wrong. We have a number of bishops out there in the world who have no idea that what they are teaching is heretical. Take the bishop of northern Florida who instead of celebrating a mass at Ave Maria so that they could have mass in their chapel, he decides to go to "Circus Day" at a his cathedral, a day in which to honor those in the circus, the priest dresses up not in his traditional garments but in Clown uniform, the bishop decided to include himself in this practice.

Such things cannot go on ignored much longer. I see a steady decline in the church as people will begin to see thet their church no longer is the truth, they will seek out a church that does but upon failure they will despair.

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