Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On Charisma and the Church

Today I am in a lounge, waiting for the speaker to begin. The talk today is about The Catholic Charismatic renewal. Let me talk about what is my opinion of the Charismatics. I do think that they concentrate on community rather than the sacrifice of the mass. This leads to liturgical abuses which then leads to heresy. I have met many a charismatic who wants to bless me. This is something that is not allowed. So why is a prevalent in most Charismatics? Why do they not abide by the liturgical standards? Time to find out:

Talking about Faith: faith that the lord will do something. As if we were all mystics. She says we have the gift of healing. Last time I checked, thats not in the church. She seems to think that the Holy Spirit moves her to do anything. The gift of the Holy Spirit includes according to her, the gift of discernment and of tongues is a common thing.

I would be very cautious when approaching this group. Personally their dependence on feelings guided by the Holy Spirit through their lives seems like it might substitute feeling for actual faith. For me, it seems like for anyone that is well educated in their faith, the charismatic movement ceases to be of any importance. I wish the Pope would address this issue more head on because I really am confused about it.

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